The Neurofeedback clinic at GMH offers brain training to improve focus and concentration, support peak performance and create lasting change.

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Neurofeedback helps you learn to self-regulate the most complex part of your body — your brain — to improve a myriad of conditions and support peak performance. 

Thanks to recent technological advancements in the neurofeedback field, we are excited to offer Myndlift, an easy-to-use, professional, home neurofeedback system.

NEBA is a brainwave-based test that is used to support ADHD evaluations. This test helps to answer the question, "Does my child have ADHD or is it something else?"  

Meet the Team


Deborah L. Planting, L.P.A.

Deborah Planting has been in practice since 2000 and works with individuals 20 years and older using cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused techniques. She introduced the science of neurofeedback to GMH and now supervises all neurofeedback services in the clinic. Deborah has extensive training in brainwave biofeedback.

David O. Planting, M.A.

David O. Planting, M.A. has been working with GMH since 2012. He works with children and adults using neurofeedback. Besides providing neurofeedback, he is also a research associate at UNC at Chapel Hill, where he conducts research on neurofeedback as a means to improve physician's performance and reduce symptoms of physician burn-out.



“The neurofeedback sessions have done more than any medication has ever done to help me... it has truly made a difference.”

- L.G.


“It was like a fog disappeared from my brain. I am thinking clearer and better than ever before.”

- M.L

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